Site Ending

I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to continue to finance a site that is not being used for something that I am fully invested in. I will be deleting pretty much everything on the site in a few days. If there is anything you want you better archive it because it will be gone.

I am no longer invested in the Japanese music scene except for a couple groups. My interests have completely changed and I thought I would change the site to reflect that. I will be keeping the Edison history posts but that is about all.

The site will now be focused on things that I am actually interested in, namely history and a couple other subjects. If you wish to continue to keep reading that is fine, it not that is also fine.

Edison to Vinyl: A History of Recorded Sound, Part I

Hers is an ambitious project I am about to tackle while I get my video recording stuff into some sort of permanent set-up. I am going to look at the history of recording and reproducing sounds from Thomas Edison forward through the years, primarily in the USA as I don’t have access to some foreign patents. I will be looking mostly at patents, the breakthroughs and the failures. From the small changes to giant leaps forward, sometimes glossing over the surface, sometimes going a bit more in depth. Come join me and see if you learn anything.

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The Site is Changing: Details Concerning Sounds On The Sound

I have always had a diverse musical taste, which probably contributed to my great fondness for idol music. I the past few months I have been rediscovering all the old music I had put to the side in a dusty corner. I am now cleaning it all off and dragging it back out into the light. This website revamp is part of that. I have decided to expand my coverage of music to cover the many, many types and styles that I find enjoyable. Perhaps you will also find something new or rediscover something you had forgotten about. Below I will detail what I am trying to do.

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