JyuJyu…… Please Just Take My Soul

Have ever woken up to the feeling of your very essence being sucked from your body by a malevolent outside force? We neither have I, but good old Terry did let me know the JyuJyu has released the other two tracks from their upcoming single. Oh man, this is going to be quite the release and I for one can not wait. Lets see what we have here. I am going to go through all three tracks…… yeah I already told you about the previous release last week, I think you will live though.

First is 黒糸 [Black Thread]. This tune is great…. you just have to listen, again.

Next is 黒糸 [Black Thread] DJ Remix. Now you don’t even have to be  fan of EDM or remixes to like this one. It sounds like they took the title track and re-recorded it in some sort of ancient tomb then a DJ found it and ran it through his magical machines. Out the other end came a super unsettling tune, I think it is great.

Last we have 怨返し, dont’ have a good translation for it. Something like Grudgingly or The Grudge. Anyway, this one comes after you like some sort of demon thirsty for blood. I can’t stop listening to it.

There you go, that is pretty much all the track from the new JyuJyu single, 黒糸 which will be out March 14, 2017. I highly suggest you pick it up. As you have heard you will not regret it.

Here is the jacket art again. Creepy no?


Official Website: http://jyujyu.info/

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