Review: Kirakira Gerira – Face of adversity

This is where I would tell you a bit about the group. I really wish that I could but I was not able to find much on them. What I can tell you is there are four girls, and according to their Twitter they write, compose, choreograph and do pretty much everything themselves. Now this may be true for promotion and things of this nature, the liner notes tell a slightly different story in the writing and composition for track 2: human. Or it is possible that they are now doing all of this and are a self managed unit, I really don’t know.

Let us get down to looking at this thing. This is their second single and it comes in two versions. One is just a CD the other is a CD+DVD and was released on 2016.12.21. I do have both version but we are only going to get into the music, maybe we can do the videos another day. Now, this is just a single, two tracks only, so this probably won’t be too long.

Track one is Face of adversity. It seems like it wants to be pretty standard alt-idol fare. Some EDM, some guitar work, just what you would expect. The verses are pretty sparse musically, mostly a drum line with a little guitar and synth. Where this song shines is in the choruses. All the sparse elements come together in a crescendo of guitar and synth. The vocal work is solid throughout. Now what I was not expecting was in the breakdown, harsh vocals and not to shabby either. I liked this track, I would add it to a playlist for sure.

Track two is human. This track is a bit different, much more guitar, faster tempo. Something like Hirairi hira hira from 偶想Drop musically, not really sticking to one type of style. You have sort of a back and forth between the harsh and clean vocals, then fast clean rap-like vocals followed by clean singing, more harsh vocals and so forth, always changing. The music is much the same, starting off with something akin to early 80s American thrash then a little EDM always morphing and changing styles, there is even a bit of something like rockabilly in there for a moment. I am not saying this is a bad song, I actually like it but it sure does jump around vocally and musically. Personally I would be more apt to listen to track two, but then again some think I might be a little off in the head…… so.

So, if you are looking for something maybe just a bit different from your run of the mill alt idol fare, give this a shot.

Here is a bit of a sample of Face of adversity, you can see what you think of them.

This single is worthy of a good listen without question. I would give it 3 1/2 stars. (I don’t have and fancy stars or rating markers yet)

After writing all this out I found this from 9917KM (there is a bit more info on the group): Kirakira Gerira – Interview / Girls Be [SUB]

Official Website:

You can pick up the CD here:

FACE OF ADVERCITY (Keisho Ban) [CD only}]


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