Yannderu ame, Yep That is Something New

I love shiny new stuff, I think we all do really. This group is about as new as they come. The name of the group is 病んでる私とヤまない雨 [Yan deru watashi to ya ma nai ame], Yannderu ame for short, if their Twitter account is anything to go by. Lets do a little digging and see what we can unearth.

Their Twitter has been active since December 2016. I suppose that is when management had their concept firmly in place and wanted to make sure they were ready. The first post was made about 15 hours ago (at the time of writing this), obviously to introduce the girls in the group. So, lets see who is in this new outfit.

First is Risa Mochizuki, her color is red, probably the center. Seemingly an established idol of some sort. She was previously a member of ゆるっと革命団 [Yuruttokakumei]. I am assuming she is over the age of 20 since one of her favorite things listed in her group profile is sake.


Second is Imoko Namagaki, her color is blue. I wasn’t able to find much information about her other than she has a dancing background and she likes draft beer, which is always nice.


Third, Eriana Uesaki, her color is yellow. I don’t think she has any previous idol experience but she does seem to be friends with  Hinami Arisue, whom I think was a member of ゆるっと革命団 [Yuruttokakumei] ith Risa.


Fourth is Reira Yukimori, her color is pink. She was previously in the idol outfit ARIA (itself a very new idol unit that held its first live in October 2016). Other than that not too much information on her.


Fifth and final is Enma Arisa and her color is purple. She was a member of Mugen Regina, who went inactive in December 2016.


The group as a whole seems to be horror/sickness inspired, at least going by their imagery. Other than that there is no information out there. They do have a Twitter and website, and they will be performing their debut live on March 27 at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.

All in all, I would say this is one act to keep an eye on. Great line-up, great look and hopefully a great sound. I am pumped.



Official Website: http://yannderuame.com

2 thoughts on “Yannderu ame, Yep That is Something New

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