Announcements From Payrin’s

Payrin’s is a group that I don’t listen to very much, but they have been on my radar. I do enjoy their music, but with so much out there you have to pick and choose. It seems they will be changing a bit, maybe for better, maybe for worse. A couple of announcements were made by the group today. There is a link in the tweet below to the full announcement, in Japanese of course, on their website. So, lets stop messing around and see what they had to say.


First off, one of the two current members, Koizumi Saho, is graduating. The date of the event has been given as April 1, 2017 and will be held at 下北沢 LIVEHOLIC. She has written a message (which I cannot read due to deficient Japanese skills) and posted it on Twitter.

The reason that is given for her graduation is so that she can look for a job, seems sensible.

One other thing that was announced is that a limited edition graduation photobook will be sold at the live. I do not know if sales of the photobook will continue after the live or if it a day of type sale.

The second announcement is the addition of two more members. Each being introduced with a separate tweet. They will officially be added to the group on April 2, 2017. Lets meet the new girls, shall we.

First is Madoka Tohsaka.

Second is Machiko Sakuragi.

It looks like both of their Twitter histories have been wiped so I have no further information on either of them.

You can grab their Twitter accounts from the two above tweets or if you are lazy like I am, here they are in this one.

I hope Payrin’s will continue on and make more music. Good luck girls!

Official Website:

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