Anna quit ICE CREAM SUICIDE a couple days ago. She has written a pretty lengthy post about the reasons why. It seems to be due, for the most part, to the management style of ANFORT, a company thought by many to be one of the worst management companies out there. It seems she even had to get lawyers involved to get out of her contract. That sounds like there was something going on that must have been pretty bad to go to that length to get out. Her post is pretty understandable with machine translation.

She mentions depression, the unrelenting schedule without breaks and the complete lack of trust between idols and management as some of the reasons. She seems pretty sad about letting the fans down with her departure, and would like to continue with idol work in the future. Lately she was seen performing with the There There Theres.

ICE CREAM SUICIDE seems to be on some sort of hiatus at the moment, there has been not activity on their Twitter account since February 26th.

We wish her the best in future endeavors.


2 thoughts on “Anna Leaves ICE CREAM SUICIDE

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