Surprise From PassCode

I was just sitting around at work, waiting for the clock to hit the time when I have to do certain tasks and I decided to get a peek at the old Facebook. Lo and behold there was a completely unexpected piece of news. Now, if you follow PassCode on Twitter or their Facebook page you will know that news is just not something to come out of those places. When it does, well, it sure is news.

We can all rejoice, PassCode has announced a new single, their second on a major label. Exciting, no? Here are some of the specifics. It is called  bite the bullet” and will be released on April 19th and will be available in two versions which is pretty much standard now-a-days, a CD only (¥1,000) and a limited CD+DVD (¥3,000).

Here is the track list for the CD only version

  1. bite the bullet
  2. LOST

Here is the CD track list for the limited edition

  1. bite the bullet
  2. カタルシス

The DVD contains the live: PassCode MISS UNLIMITED Tour 2016 at STUDIO COAST. The set list is available in the official announcement.

As of now there is no jacket art that I can find.

Official Website:

Pre-order the single

Bite The Bullet [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Bite The Bullet [Regular Edition]

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