NECRONOMIDOL And Shintaro Kago, It Was Meant To Be

Today I was just doing the Twitter thing, you know trying to catch up on about 1500 posts in a foreign language, everyday stuff. I was really starting to get bored reading about what idols were eating and looking at photos of their cats when I came upon something new(ish). If you are a fan of NECRONOMIDOL you may already be familiar with what I am about to talk about. If not, welcome to your nightmare.

This is Shintaro Kago, looks just like a regular fellow. Well it is what goes on inside his mind that is interesting.

Photo by Niccolò Caranti

See, Shintaro is a manga artist in the style of エログロ [ero guro]. An extreme style known for depicting the grotesque and unnatural as well as the erotic. He is quite the master of the art form, and is now using his talent to depict everybody’s favorite ultra-dark idols, NECRONOMIDOL.

I am sure that fans of the group are familiar with the opening of the groups international online bandcamp store and the 2017 Sari birthday shirt. Shintaro is the man responsible for that art work, as well as the shirt for the upcoming one-man live on March 14th.









He seems to be keeping himself a little busy with individual art of each girl in the group. Oh, these have got to be seen to be believed. They are spectacular.


柿崎 李咲 Risaki Kakizaki

瑳里 Sari

夜露ひな Hina Yotsuyu

今泉怜 Rei Imaizumi

月城ひまり Himari Tsukishiro

I think we need a shirt made out of every one of these. I think most would agree with that. Anyhow, I think the teaming together of NECRONOMIDOL and Shintaro Kago was a great idea, no doubt. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

For more from Shintaro check him out on Twitter or go to his website.

Official Website:

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