New Music From Pikarin? Coming Right Up!

As I am sure most of you know, everyone’s favorite demon princess, Pikarin, has not really been releasing music since 魔界心中 / MITSU TO BATSU back in May 2016 and the subsequent collapse of FORCE RECORDS. Yes, she did release a single, The Dogeza Road. exclusively through Village Vanguard, which most people don’t even know about. Other than that she has been pretty silent, musically speaking. Well, that is all changing.

It has been announced that she has a new record label and will be putting out a new single in May. The label, OTODAMA RECORDS, is brand new. The release of the single was announced at an event at Tower Records Shibuya on March 11th.

The single will be titled 「バババーババウムクーヘン★/下僕 GEBO GEBO!!」 and it seems as if the song バババーババウムクーヘン★ will be the ending theme for the anime タイムボカン24 [Time Bokan 24], replaceing the current theme performed by 激ヤバ∞ボッカーン!!. It has been said the new single will not be quite as heavy as here previous offering, harkening back to her earlier days with a poppier sound.

We are happy to see her back doing music and can not wait for this new single to come out on May 3rd.

Official Website:

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