Yannderu ame Is A Bit Smaller…. For Now

病んでる私とヤまない雨 [Yan deru watashi to ya ma nai ame] is one member lighter today. We only told you about the formation of this group on February 26th and now in a sudden decision the extremely young group hits its first stumbling block. Will the ybe able to overcome his and continue? It surely seem as if they are going to try.

This statement was released today by the group on behalf of Eriana Uesaki

Very roughly it says: Thank you for supporting Yanndaru ame. Memeber Eriana Uesaki has requested to withdraw from the group. After discussion with the principle members of the group, it was decided today, March 12, she would be allowed to withdraw. Sorry for the inconvenience to all those waiting for the first live. The following is from Erina Uesaki.

I am sorry that I have to withdraw. Due to family circumstances I will not be able to continue idol activities, but I am not giving up on my dream. I await the time I can return to idol activities. Thank you Yanndaru ame and Eriana Uesaki.

On that note, The group has already started looking for a new member. They have started an open recruitment on their website. I guess we will see what becomes of it.

Official Website: http://www.yannderuame.com/index.html

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