MV And More From uijin

Lets see if we can tick some boxes on a good way to start the day. Quick paced EDM alt idol tune, check. Shiny, new, super slickly produced MV, check. Announcement from uijin regarding a new release, check plus. Looks like we have a trifecta. I guess first off we will just pop this new MV in here, no use wasting time.

Ok, now we can get down to the nitty gritty. Announced, by way of the video description, uijin has an album coming out. It will have a release date of July 5th. The album will be titled “stay hungy,stay foooolish” (I am going to assume the title is actually “stay hungry, stay foooolish” and they left out the “r” on mistake). Also, they have scheduled a one-man live for the day of release, as you do. There is even a list of songs that will be on the album, as long as all these are included.

I also found an interesting image from on their Twitter, I don’t know if this is a single cover for something that will only be available at lives, or if it is just an image for the tour, but here it is. It sure looks like a single to me…

Official Website:

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