PiiiiiiiN To Disband

It seems that in somewhat of a surprise move PiiiiiiiN has decided to disband. I am not a close follower of the group so I do not know if this was on the horizon, but it seems to be happening. The announcement was made at the live on March 15th at 恵比寿CreAto. The group will have its last live on May 5th at 渋谷 WWW X. The live is entitled 「PiiiiiiiN解散LIVE」, so I suppose there is really no second guessing this one.

There was a statement given as to the reason for the disbanding. Here in Japanese 「今の私たちは心が1つになれていると言えない状況」「純粋にがんばりたいと思える気持ちだけではなくなってしまった。不器用な私たちにはこれ以上自分に嘘をつきながら今までと同じように同じ気持ちで、皆さんと一緒に大きな夢に向かって一緒に戦うことに限界を感じてしまった」

And your crummy machine translation: “The situation we can not say that our hearts are becoming one” “It is not just the feeling that I want to purely want to do. For us who are clumsy, Like the same feeling, I felt the limit to fighting together with everyone towards big dreams together. “

I hope that sheds some light on it. If there is some nice person willing to give me a quick translation, let me know.

Here is the tweet with the announcement.

Official Website: http://piiiiiiin.jp/

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