Gokigen Teikoku Gets A Little Smaller -UPDATED-

It is certainly going to be a rough day to be “Gokigen”. Today, 劇場版ゴキゲン帝国 (Gekijou-ban Gokigen Teikoku) announced there would be a departure from the self produced group. Without any CDs out you will just have to remember her from the large amount of videos she did for their YouTube channel.

It was announced that 雨情華月Ujou Kadzuki would be “exiled” from the group on April 30th. Her exile live was announced to be on April 16th. As one would expect it really wasn’t a solemn occasion which can be seen in the video below. You can read about the term “exiled” in Ponto Pero’s blog further down in the article (translated by Kayseur)

Here is her statement, which she also read in a video.

Here is the message, kindly translated by guile.

To those who have always support me,
In April I will be fully [exiled/emigrating] from Gokigen Teikoku.
The reason for this is that I have a chronic disease of my feet and the condition is deteriorating, and thus I cannot continue to perform with Gokigen Teikoku.

I am not able to welcome you all to the Okinawa, Osaka and Kinema One man, And I am really sorry for this abrupt announcement.

Until now, I am really grateful for all of the support from everybody, as well as the other members and staff.  
I regret having to surprise you all, and I apologise for being unable to continue with all you from now on.
I hope to continue relations with the Gokigen Teikoku.
Please allow me to write another blog to bring everything to conclusion.

Ujyou Kadzuki.

It was contained in this tweet with a couple other items.

The afore mentioned video.

In addition, Ponto Pero wrote a lengthy blog post about Kadzuki, it looks like they were pretty close.

Kayseur has kindly translated Ponto Pero’s blog post for us. Thank you very much for your work.

It was also announced that they will begin searching for a new member, and it looks like they are already taking applications.

Official Website: http://www.gokigenteikoku.com/

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