Checkmate….. A New MONSTER In Town

Holy smokes, Checkmate is really going through a change, and for the better if you were to ask me. Anyone that follows them knows what I am talking about. The casual listener will know them from their first release, 「DESTROY THE FUTURE」. An excellent song, super catchy. As of late a newer style has been emerging…… and it is a step in a harsher direction.

Just as a refresher, here they are at the release of their first video.

Pretty cute huh? Well now get a look at them. They have evolved, still pretty cute but with a little edge.

And the vocals are evolving as well. They seem to be turning into something a bit unique. Two leads, two backing and one harsh vocalist. And by god, those harsh vocals……..

Well give them a listen (yes, I know the bass is super blown out. What do you want from a phone really.)

A new era is beginning for Checkmate, and it is looking great.

Official Website:

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