WACK Audition – First Dance Performance

Well, they just did their first dance performance. There was a great deal of hard work by everyone. I watched the whole practice and everyone really put their all into making sure that the dances were solid. There were even some humorous episodes…….

That time Aina messed up during practice

Then we get on to the actual dance routines. First up we had Team GANG PARADE. They of course did Plastic 2 Mercy. To be blunt, the dancing was sub par. I don’t want to seem to harsh but it almost seemed as if they had not practiced at all. The dance was not full of super complex moves, you will know what I am talking about if you have seen the music video.

Second up was Team BiSH. Now, they spent a good deal of time practicing this dance. It really showed. The team really seemed to mesh well and the singing was pretty good. They performed 星が瞬く夜に (Hoshi ga matataku yoru ni). I really saw nothing wrong with the routine except for a couple off time moves.

Last was Team BiS. Now, they put in a lot of practice, including some individual instruction for a couple of the girls. I think I enjoyed this routine the most. They performed BiSBiS, and the vocals were pretty good as well.

All in all it went well until the judging started. Watanabe must have said some really brutally honest stuff. These girls were not in the best of spirits.

From what I gathered, BiS came in first, BiSH second and boy, GANG PARADE came in dead last……. and it showed. Yua cried for nearly ten minutes, the rest of her team did not do much better.

Don’t worry though, at lunch, which was just after the dance performance she seemed to be in a much better mood.

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