WACK Audition – The First Breakfast

So, I started watching today’s audition trials a bit late, I was only able to catch the very end of the morning run. After a brisk morning run what better way to recharge than with a nice breakfast. Well, after a short break in the dorm room for some vote pandering and dance practice that is.

Now, this is pretty photo heavy, and light on writing as there really wasn’t to much to say.

Some of the hopefuls

Practice with pour lui and Aya

Atsuko and Aina give some instruction

Breakfast is served…………………

Wait a second something isn’t right here.

Anyone that watched the BiS/SiS auditions last year will remember that something like this happened during meal time then. Well it looks like they wanted to get off to a good start with the meal pranks this time around. Many of the girls had something going on with their meals. I was able to get some screen grabs for posterity.

Momogumi.inc seems to be having a problem as well

Kamiyasaki is also having problems

Aya seems fine and pour lui has to eat her Diet or Die food

Pari Ubu and the food didn’t get along, just after this she ran off…… poor girl

Kamiyasaki finishes up

Even with encouragement from Atsuko, Pari Ubu was not able to finish.

Nagayama Yukiko was also unable to finish

And so the great adventure of the first breakfast came to an end. Everyone survived, but a couple did not finish. I do not see that going into the good marks column.

Here are the current rankings, as of the time of publication.

Watch more of the WACK Auditions with NicoNico Prime


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