Hachimitsu★Koutei – That’s New…… To Me

My Twitter pal, Pure Idol Heart, pointed me at an MV today. I always like to give stuff a chance so off to Youtube for a quick look. I sure am glad I did, because this group is interesting to say the least. They are 蜂蜜★皇帝 (Hachimitsu★Koutei) which translates to Honey Emperor, はちペラ or Hachipera for short. So, of course they have a bee theme (I also think they are linked to BeexSWAT somehow), and who doesn’t love a good bee themed group.

Now I am having trouble finding much on this group as they seem to like to keep everything current. If their Twitter is anything to go by they have been a group in some sense all the way back to July 2015. I am not sure how many members they have gone through, I do know that they were a three girl unit and are now a five girl unit. Anyway, enough with getting sidetracked, lets get on to the fun stuff.

Here is their new video for their fourth single, Empress

I liked the song and the video, perhaps a bit much visually for some. As a matter of fact, on the strength of this singular song I am about to go on the hunt for their earlier singles, so wish me luck on that.

Currently the group is made up of five girls. I am not going to give you all the info here as that would just be silly. I can just put in this link to the profiles on their website.

So if you are looking for something new, give them a shot. I for one am enjoying the video and song.

Official Website: http://www.hachipera.com/

If you like this as much as I did, you might be interested in buying the new single. It comes out on April 18th. Already available for pre-order. Comes in 6 types. Links at the very bottom.

蜂蜜★皇帝 – Empress [type A]

蜂蜜★皇帝 – Empress [type B]

蜂蜜★皇帝 – Empress [type C]

蜂蜜★皇帝 – Empress [type D]

蜂蜜★皇帝 – Empress [type E]

蜂蜜★皇帝 – Empress [type F]

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