Broken By The Scream Gains A Member

Sorry for being so late on this one, but you know, podcast and stuff.

Young alt idol unit Broken By The Scream has been doing pretty well  since the departure of Mitateda Sumire back in early February. Now they are again a four girl group with a new addition being introduced.

Last night, in Japan, Broken By The Scream had a Showroom appearance during which they introduced a new member. I missed the actual program but I did hear about it from Twitter pal Pure Idol Heart. I think he is a pretty reliable source. Anyhow her name is Uriin Kagura and here is the official announcement.

She will be in charge of the high end screaming. She has no prior experience at being an idol and she will have her debut on April 15th singing Sumire’s lines. I, for one, can not wait to hear what she has to add to the group.

Here is her Twitter, maybe you should think about giving a follow.

click my photo to see my Twitter

I wonder if they will be re-recording the first release with the new line up. I also wonder if I will ever find a copy of the first one.

Official Website:

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