sora tob sakana – ribbon (MV)

Oh, good old Ramenshuriken, always coming with the goodness. He clued me into this group the other day, with them having a new video and all.

So, question: How experimental do you like your idol music? If your answer is: a lot, then have I got something for you.

Sora tob sakana, I never really paid much mind to them. Maybe I should have. Coming from the metal side of the musical genre rainbow you wouldn’t think I would be into something like this. Well, I like other stuff as well, like tricot and other math-rock type bands. So when I heard this song, ribbon, I was reminded of that type of music. Now, this is not for everyone, sort of a love/hate type musical style. But I would say give it a try.

With out further ado, her is sora tob sakana.

Oh, one last thing, the video is a little odd as well.

Official Website:

Order the CD: sora tob sakana – cocoon ep

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