Absolute Pathology, Cute, Sick and Morbid?

You all know I am a complete sucker for new acts. The newer the better. I know super hipster huh? Well, good old Pure Idol Heart has come through again. That guy is always talking about the newest stuff, you should really follow him if you don’t. And if you didn’t already know, his sister is an idol <————–Free plug.

I will get on with it, this new group, 絶対病的 (Absolute Pathology), really caught my attention with the description of their theme: cuteness through morbid sickness (or something close to that). Sounds great huh? Well, other than that there is not to much about them yet, at least nothing that we could find. No idea what they will sounds like. Will there be harsh vocals? Will they kick your teeth in from the edge of the stage? It is all up in the air for now.

Actaully, we do know a couple things for now. Firstly, they are based in Fukuoka. Second, the members were officially announced on April 2nd.

Satori: https://twitter.com/byo_teki_satori

Mirea: https://twitter.com/byo_teki_mirea

Maki: https://twitter.com/byo_teki_maki

Maya: https://twitter.com/byo_teki_maya

Third, they have scheduled their first live. It will be held on May 13th 福岡 ビブレホール. There also seems to be some sort of meet and greet scheduled for May 6th.

They will also be heading to Tokyo on July 17th.

One last thing, in July they also seem to be releasing a CD.You can also see the shirts they will be selling in the below tweet.

So, they seem to be looking to move along pretty quickly. I am they do not try to go to fast, that really seems to be the downfall of a lot of groups. Anyway, I look forward to seeming what they are all about.

Oh, they do not have an official website yet. You will have to be happy with their official Twitter: https://twitter.com/fukuokayamika

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