It has come to my attention, courtesy of Terry, that there was something going on with FRUITPOCHETTE. So I hopped on over to Twitter to see what all the fuss was about. It didn’t take me long to figure it out. The group’s Twitter pretty much laid it all out.

Quick, rough (really rough) translation is: From today the members of FRUITPOCHETTE will be solo acts. Thank you for supporting Shiori and Kyuri.

Both girls also released announcements.

The groups website gives us a little more information.

It tells us that Shiori will be starting her solo career with an April 18th. They have also planned a farewell live for July 30, 2017. They did not say when Kyuri would start her planned solo career. They also announced that the live on April 29th has been cancelled.

This is all sad news for FRUITPOCHETTE fans, but I guess Shiori will still be performing solo, so there is that.

Official Website:


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