CY8ER Is Getting Huge

I slept in late today, I mean until like almost 7:00 am. Eyes open, roll to the left, pick up phone and read what happened. I will tell you, something happened. It looks like CY8ER is changing. Will thi s be for the better or worse? Who knows, this is idol after all.

First off, lets look at this video. It is titled CY8ER Significant Announcement.

Now, what do we have here? Looks like CY8ER has just doubled in size, familiar faces in there as well. Lets see who we have. Of course we have Rinahamu, Pochi and Mashiro, the current lineup. In addition we now have:

Koro (Twitter) who previously appeared on the variety show Gyoretsuno dekiru horitsu sodanjo as a close friend of Fujita Nicole. She may have done other things as well, slightly tough to get info on her without a good Japanese skill.

yAmmy (Twitter), winner of the Miss iD2017 CHEERZ award and fashion icon and director at H▷FRACTAL.

Anna (Twitter), previously of BELLRING少女ハート and the horribly failed ICE CREAM SUICIDE.

Their first live with the new line up is on May 4th TSUTAYA O-EAST and is part of the Tokyo Candoll competition.  Where do we go from here? I have no idea, I guess we will figure it out as we go along.

Official Website:


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