Gokigen Teikoku – New Members Are Coming Soon

I love Gokigen Teikoku, every single thing about them. I love the live performances. I love the YouTube channel. I love the Twitter posts. They have got to be a the top of the heap when it comes to pure, unadulterated fun by an idol group, bar none. A while ago they announced that they would be getting some new members that would debut on May 2nd. Well, that time is almost here.

Today there was a rash of posts on Twitter hooting about the new girls. At the moment they are being called green and pink. First we had a couple of videos, presumably of the new girls.

Here is “Pink”, you can see her hair in the background.

Here is Green

A little later in the day we got this charming rendition of the new girls by “the artist”. Very cute. You will notice there are two Twitter accounts in the post. It seems these have been active since the April 16th.

The five girls have been at the beach today taking photos and just being “Gokigen”

I cannot wait to see the actual reveal. Damn it this group is fun.

Official Website: http://www.gokigenteikoku.com/

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