After some hard work by a member of the Alternative Idol group we were able to figure out the meaning of the mystery characters on the skull. If you are feeling a bit lost by the previous statement have a look at this: NECRONOMIDOL – NEMESIS: The Mysterious Glyphs. I think the end results might be a little surprising. Here again are the characters in question.

Now, I am sure we were all hoping for something pretty awesome from this cryptic looking message. The truth of what we have here is a bit more mundane than we were looking for, yet interesting all the same. It was also quite the journey.

First of all, the script turned out to be Byzantine Greek, when cleaned up it looks like this. (the best approximation, as Unicode does not cover this text type)


Now, what have all been waiting for. The big reveal…….

It translates as: Theodoulos monachos or Theodoulos the monk.

Not super exciting I know. There is one more thing though. It seems that Suehiro Maruo probably stumbled across a photo of this skull. And made an exact rendering of it, partially removed characters and all.

These are the skulls of monks and can be seen at Mount Athos, Greece. The monasteries have been active on the mount since the 10th century when a charter was granted by the Byzantine Emperor. You can read more about it here:
Exploring the skulls of Mount Athos, Greece

So mystery solved.

5 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL – NEMESIS: A Mystery Solved

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