Gokigen Teikoku Introduces New Members

The anticipation has been killing me and now the reward. A bit ago I did a tiny write up on the new additions to the funnest independent idols on the face of the earth. Gokigen Teikoko did not disappoint with their choices.

Here is the reveal, done in splendid, over the top with excitement, Gokigen style.

On the left we have 御握りん (Onigiri Rin), she is in charge of the rice balls. Who doesn’t like rice balls for crying out loud.

…and on the right is 廿楽なぎ (Tsudzura Nagi), she is in charge of houseplants, whatever that entails. I am sure she will make it quite exciting.

Now they are set up as a powerhouse group of five fun-loving young ladies. Some of us, including myself already missed a free live that they streamed. There does not seem to be a timeshift or archive for it. *cry*

I am sure there will be plenty of chances to see them in the very near future. Just make sure to favorite their YouTube channel. You will not be sorry.

Official Website: http://www.gokigenteikoku.com/



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