Hime Goto Zettaichi Has Their Debut

Well, the day is here. The new act under A-minor, 姫事絶対値 (Hime Koto Zettaichi), has done their first live. It has been a while since they were announced, and to tell the truth, they were pretty much what I expected. If you need a bit of information on the group, see  the previous report I did on them. It has all of their socials and what-not.

As we know, A-minor is the creative and management group behind Guso Drop. The songs sound like Daichi penned songs, there is plenty of group vocal work and all the bits and bobs you would expect. One thing that fans of Guso Drop might miss is the lack of harsh vocals. Of course we pretty much knew what we were going to get song wise, Daichi did put several tracks up on Soundcloud long ago.

A real surprise is that we already have video, so we can all see them at their debut, at least in parts. I will admit, I did not expect the matching outfits.

So, keep your eyes on Twitter and search that YouTube for more. I am sure it will pop up frequently.

I also have not been able to find an official website for them. If anyone knows if they have one let me know.

Until them here is their official Twitter: https://twitter.com/himegotozettai

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