I Love New Stuff: Melanoleuca

This might be a little premature, or actually a lot, but what the hell. You can’t keep all the new bottled up forever, sometimes you have to twist the cap and let out a bit of pressure. Well today I am doing just that. Lets have a look at some of that new goodness.

Now, this group isn’t actually new per say. Originally Melanoleuca started in July 2016 as a duo, one in white and one in black. Their website goes on the explain that the name is the scientific name for the Panda, which is of course black and white. The groups concept is a mix of gothic (mysterious) and  lolita (innocent cuteness). Now you all know I love me some gothicness, so of course I was immediately interested. The music was to be some sort of mix of jpop, anisong, classical and also incorporate some fantasy elements. Sounds pretty good.

The had a debut on October 20th 2016 at SONIC PRESENTS はこどるパラダイスvol.29. A second live was done on November 19th 2016 called メラノレウカ presents BLACK or WHITE Lv.1. This second live was announced the day after the first live.

Here is footage from the first live, there is only one of the girls present as you can see.

It is all very confusing as to when there were two girls and when there was one. I do know that on December 22nd 2016 Black announced her departure from the group to go off and do her own idol thing. At some point White had also left. On the 27th of December Melanoleuca announced a suspension of activities. On the 31st of December the hunt for a new member began.

A member to fill the role of Black was found on March 31st 2017

Today it was announced that practice had begun again and the active search for a new member to fill the white role has still on going.

The member in charge of the color black is Kurojo Riri (Twitter). It seems she will be starting to perform soon, I hope that a girl to fill the role of white is found soon an we can see what will become of all this.

Official Website: https://www.melanoleuca.com

As an aside, if you know anyone interested in joining this group, here is the application tweet. It will take them where they need to go.

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