This little report may rub some the wrong way. But guess what, I really don’t care. Every story is my opinion, I guess a couple people like to read my opinion because they keep coming back. So here we go. BiS is back for the second week in a row with a new video. This one however is a bit different, but not much………..

I have been seeing a lot of people lauding the, I am assuming,  title track off the new release. They are all saying this “new” BiS, are returning to their “punk-idol” roots (the “punk-idol” thing is a discussion for another day). I will have to disagree with that a tiny bit. I do not see much of a difference between this track and a track off of Re:STUPiD or even BiS2. Sure they tossed a couple more drum hits in there slapped some brass in the mix then rubbed some dirt on it. Then dress the girls in black outfits. I guess that is all it takes to be “hard” or “edgy”.

Mind you, I really like the song….. a lot. I like the two new girls, especially PANLUNA, they both do a good job. Of course Saki kicks it in the teeth, mostly because she is awesome. The rest of BiS is also in top form. The video is pretty grungy looking and I think that this may be leading some to think that the song is a bit more “heavy” than it actually is.  Oh, by the way, Kika looks pretty dang cool.

Anyway, enough blathering. On to the video.

And because Tsubasa hate the USA here is another version

Official Website:

Oh, while you are here, might as well go buy the upcoming release.

BiS – SOCiALiSM (仮) [CD+DVD]

BiS – SOCiALiSM (仮) [CD]

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