CY8ER Shooting New MV

When I saw this today only one thing popped into my mind. There is a clip out there from the opening of one of their lives. Rinahamu is out on stage getting the crowd worked up, yelling “CY8ER…….. CY8ER CY8ER CY8ER” in her cute little voice. Well, I feel like that about now, and you know why? Because I love MVs.

I am sure you already know what this is about, yep, a new CY8ER MV. Details at the moment are slim, mostly just photos from Twitter.

Actually, it is all photos………….there is no actual information. But we all like to know when a video is coming. Plus we get to look at photos of CY8ER.

All I can say is wow to these shots below, they look great.

…..and here is the shooting wrap.

Now I wonder how long until the actual MV shows up.

Official Website:

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