Yukueshirezutsurezure Drops Some Live Video on YouTube

Here is something not many have seen video of, ゆくえしれずつれづれ [Yukueshirezutsurezure], or as they say in English “Not Secured, Loose Ends”, live. The group has been notoriously protective of live videos and usually keep most of them off the internet. It looks like in preparation for their upcoming Canadian visit they are starting up the hype train with a handful of goodies……………

These videos are from the MISS SINS tour final at Shinjuku LOFT. Enjoy, because they are really, really good.

For those worried about the video content, the group has let us know that these are edited for a Japanese audience. So don’t get too cranky, they still love their foreign fans.

……………now if we could get some exclusive fan club merchandise.

Official Website: http://yukueshirezutsurezure.com/

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