Broken By The Scream On Showroom

In a splendid attempt to reach out to fans, both at home and internationally, Broken By The Scream will be having Showroom appearances for the rest of the month. Each day will consist of a couple of the girls interacting with fans on a more personal level. For you English speakers out there, you will probably want to tune on the days Io-chan is on. Let us get a look at the schedule.

Here it is, provided by our good friend Pure Idol Heart.

Let me break this down for you a bit in English. All times are JST

17th: Kagura at 20:00
18th: Io, Yae and Ayame 16:00, live at Shibuya DESO starting at 19:50
19th: Yae at 18:00
20th: Yae, Io, Ayame and Kagura before, live at Shibuya MilkyWay starting at 18:00
21st: Io at around 21:00
22nd: Ayame at about 19:00
23rd: Yae at 18:00
24th: Kagura at 18:00
25th: Io at around 12:00
26th: Ayame at around 19:00
27th: All girls at 18:00
28th: Io at 18:00
29th: Ayame at 18:00
30th: Kagura at 18:00
31st: Yae at 18:00

Their Showroom channel:

So get in there and show some support.

Official Website:

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