ICE CREAM SUICIDE……….. Wait……… What?

Well, this bit of news came as a shock to me, and probably to a lot of folks out there in Twitter-land. We all remember when Anna left ICS in a big old legal to-do. Well, it seems that was not quite the end of the group, if what was announced today holds any meaning. Lets see what this little bit of news is.

First there was this post from the long dormant ICS Twitter account.

Which leads to the half deleted official website of the group. Now I say half deleted because all the information you would really want like member profiles are no longer there. Anyway in a nutshell the message is an announcement of the graduation of 小熊 きな子(Koakuma Kumaka) the green bear member. There is also an apology about the lateness of this announcement. There is then an apology from management about the lateness this news as well. It looks like it as been quite some time since she left, in February.

After that there was another tweet.

It speaks of further messages to come regarding other members. Now what could these messages be? Continued activities? That seems doubtful due to the complete inactivity since the departure of Anna. I will assume that it is the announcement of the groups actual disbanding. Of course I could be wrong. Only time will tell.

For what it is worth, here is the official website:

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