A Graduation From JyuJyu Announced

It looks like graduation season is still in full swing. I figured it might be over, boy was I wrong. I really started to enjoy JyuJyu in a big way when they relaunched in July 2016 with two new members joining Neu-chan. Those members were Minoru and Miori. Along with them soon came the release of ノロイハジメ (Noroi Hajime) and the video for the title track. I am sure we can all remember that. Today there is a bit of sad news.

Minoru has announced that she will be graduating on July 4th, possible earlier depending on circumstances. The reasons cited are family issues as well as the weekly commute she makes from Osaka to Tokyo. That commute could get old pretty fast to be sure.

Here is the announcement of her graduation.

And here is a statement to her fans, the Minososhisuto. She expresses her heartfelt gratitude to her fans and feels baad she will not be able to do cheki with them and meet them anymore.

Xidea staff has announced that they will be starting the search for a replacement after she graduates. all information is available in this news post on the JyuJyu website.

Xidea Statement

I am sure that anyone they find to replace her will be great, I mean look at how Minoru and Miori did when they joined. Xidea has a pretty good track record with JyuJyu. I am confident it will continue.

Official Website: http://jyujyu.info/

Here are some treats to take they edge off.

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