New Album and New Single From Uijin Announced

Hot on the tail of the CY8ER release announcement here comes Uijin. Guess what, it is the announcement of a full album release. What a great day of news this is turning out to be. I wonder if there will be any more. Anyway, lets see what Uijin is giving to us.

Looks like it will be coming out on July 5th 2017 and consist of 11 tracks. Looks like it contains all the tracks released on their two previous singles and some new material.

stay foolish, stay hungry

Track list:

  1. came from neo tokyo
  2. 0 0 1
  3. meltdown
  4. ten-age
  5. future
  6. overdrive
  7. gold
  8. colorful
  9. maybe memories
  10. 2 0 2 0(#BFF)
  11. コトノハエモーション

It also looks like there is an announcement of a venue only single for a couple of tracks on the album. It will come out on May 31st 2017. it is called 『コトノハエモーション/maybe memories』

Here is the announcement for both

Official Website:

Order the CD: Uijin – stay hungry, stay foolish

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