New Release from CY8ER?

In going through Twitter and looking for some good stuff I stumbled, well actually pretty much smashed my face into this story. I looked at the tweet and thought “Did I already know about this?” It seems like something I would have remembered. So I asked around a bit. This is what is going on……..  I think.

CY8ER is just announcing new releases in a very off-handed and cavalier way. Here is the Tweet.

Looks just like something you would post if the information was already out there doesn’t it? Well, I asked a couple people and they didn’t recall hearing anything, it was a surprise to them as well.

So, I guess CY8ER has a CD coming out on June 28th 2017. That is about all I have on it.

Official Website:

Order the CD here: CY8ER – かくしぇーむ

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