That Is New To Me: AIBECK

Pure Idol Heart and myself were watching BBTS on the old Showroom today, just having a good old time, as you do. After it was over I was going to go start working on the podcast prep stuff. All of a sudden he sends me this tweet.

I, of course, have to go running over to take a look. Now there is not much information yet. All we know right now is this: The website officially opens on June 6th and they have their first show on June 26th. So, basically I will have to write up  supplemental report in a couple weeks when they open up and there is a bit more to go on.

Some of the members are already doing Showroom stuff. You can find out a more about them on their personal Twitter accounts.

AIBECK Official Twitter

Here are the members

Anzu 100%






Official Website:

One thought on “That Is New To Me: AIBECK

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