Zenkimi: Doing All The Things

For the last couple of weeks the chatter has been all about Tsurezure and when or if they are going to release something soon. Then all out of left field come this news, well at least out of left field for me. Been a bit out of the loop as of late. Anyhow, lets see what Zenbu Kimi no Sei da has in store for us.

Ok, first off the are going to re-record the first two albums, アニマあにむすPRDX and やみかわIMRAD, with the current lineup. Both will come in one package for the low, and I mean low, cost of ¥1080. That is 23 songs for the cost of a single…….. unheard of.

Second is the release of a new album, as of now it is untitled. This release will come in two versions, which is something that Zenkimi has not done yet. The standard edition will be just the album and cost ¥2000. The limited edition will run you ¥2500 but will have all five of those solo tracks that we have all been loving as the second disk. Nice, right?

They are already listed in the groups discography

Both of these go on sale September 9th 2017. This is all the information we have at the moment. No jacket art or anything like that yet, not even able to pre-order yet. But there is plenty of time. Yep, plenty of time.

Oh, here are all the tweets with all the information they have given so far.

Official Website: http://kiminosei.com/

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