Lucifer: A Dark Rebirth

越後姉妹Geeks [Echigo Sisters Geeks] has ended. Akari and Yukari are moving on. They have a new agency, a new look, a new lease on their careers. This are very exciting times for them and their fans. Lets see what direction the ex-race queen idols are headed.

First a very, very short history. 越後姉妹Geeks were a race queen idol unit for K-Winds Racing based in Niigata prefecture. For more info you can look at their information site here: Echigo Project. They worked promoting the race team and singing, you know, idol stuff. Lately there was apparently a dispute on what the race team wanted and what the girls wanted. On June 11th the girls had their last performance as 越後姉妹Geeks and cut their ties with K-Winds Racing.


Now they are they have moved to a new agency, 道pro (the same agency as Chemical⇄Reaction) and have re-branded themselves as Lucifer. There theme is fallen angels, of course. And they have taken on new names.

First we have Sion (previously Yukari) [Twitter]. Her image is that of the fallen angel.

Then we have Kotomi (previously Akari) [Twitter]. Her image is that of the dark angel

Now other than that we do not have much on them. What will they sound like, who knows. Maybe something like other dark idols (the best idols in my opinion), maybe something different. Only time will tell.

*UPDATE* Information has been passed to me that they will be an idolrock group.

And their introduction video.

They do not have an official website yet, or even an official Twitter.

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