Maison book girl Announces Single Release

I guess today is release announcement day. Here we are with one more upcoming release, this one from Maison book girl. This is a group that has been growing on me to be sure. They always come up in my YouTube rotations, and dang it, you just can’t skip them. Lets get a peek at what this release is all about.

Maison book girl will release their second major label single on July 19th 2017. It is titled “412” and will contain three songs.

Track list:

  1. rooms
  2. last scene – 2017 Ver. –
  3. a-shi-ta
  4. rooms (instrumental)
  5. last scene -2017 Ver.- (instrumental)
  6. a-shi-ta (instrumental)

The first track 「rooms」 is a new. The second song, 「last scene」, originally on the 2015 release 「bath room」, will have newly recorded vocals and a remastered musical track. The third track seems to be a spoken word poem written by group member Megumi with musical backing. It will be an interesting release.

I also believe the first press will be in a paper sleeve and limited before the general release comes out. It may only be available at lives or in store events, I am not 100% sure.

Official Website:

Hey, support your favorite artists by purchasing their stuff.

Maison book girl – 412

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