PassCode Announces First Major Label Full Album

I am sure some of my readers have been wondering what PassCode has been up to. I mean they are not really regular news around here. Mostly because they new do anything news worthy, at least since they moved to a major label. Well, here is a bit of news I am sure you will love.

New release from PassCode, and a full album at that. Lets see what we know so far as details are still pretty new.

It will be called ZENITH will be released on August 2nd 2017 and so far we know it will come in two editions, as is standard. One regular edition and one limited edition with a DVD. We do have what seems like a partial tracklists for the DVD and for the CD, which is not made up of all new songs. In no particular order, and according to Tower Records.

  • TRACE.
  • Bite the Bullet
  • catharsis
  • 8 new tracks still to be recorded

The DVD will include the following

  • Bite the Bullet MV
  • A still to be announced MV
  • “Documentary Movie of Taiwan Expedition”

Here is the jacket art

Regular Edition


Limited Edition

So, there you have it. Is everyone excited? Will you be buying it? I sure will be.

Official Website:

Of course, it is already up for per-sale. Why not take advantage of the extra cash you have laying around at the moment.

PassCode – Zenith (limited edition)

Passcode – Zenith (regular edition)

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