NECRONOMIDOL…………………… Wait, What??

Imagine this scenario: Here we are, one week ago and a video pops up on the NECRONOMIDOL official YouTube. It is called “NECRONOMIDOL – IDOL REDEFINED”. Hmmm, you think, what is all this about. You watch it………

Yeah, I about fell out of my chair too.

One week later, and I see this on the YouTube. It is their one man live 「blood red skies」 at Shibuya WWW.

What the hell is going on around here? Has everyone gone insane?

Nah, it is was all just a ruse.

Quite the fun trick girls, and Ricky too. Can’t forget Ricky. Anyway, they had quite the event last night from what I hear. A great set backed by the ネクロ魔BAND (NECROMA-BAND). There is no actual footage of the rest of the show that I have found (just the beginning bit up above). I believe Ricky asks that it is not filmed, could be wrong though. There were a couple announcements made at the show.

  • Fan club is open for enrollment until 24:00 on June 15th.
  • October 7~8 is the first Tour of New Caledonia.
  • August 30th the release of a new single “DAWNSLAYER”

The song DAWNSLAYER was performed for the first time at the one man last night (June 13th). It was written by the guitarist from the NECRMOA-BAND, Mr.Perkele. I will get more detail on that when it becomes avaiable.

*UPDATE* This sample of the DAWNSLAYER has popped up.

Anyhow, as a treat for reading all this, here are some images of the girls “redefined”.

Official Website:

Also, go buy their stuff. All the money goes directly to the group.


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