Melanoleuca Back To Full Strength

Melanoleuca, a pretty small group that has had a rough time seems to be back to form. Well, at least back to full membership strength. A while ago I did a story on them and have been watching for any changes: I Love New Stuff: Melanoleuca. There has been a change.

On June 17th the group announced that they had filled the role for the color white.

Today, being the 19th, they released the Twitter information and introduced the new member. Lets meet her, shall we.

Her name is Hakuto Koko [Twitter] and she is the white rabbit, which is the symbolic animal of lolita (according to some sources). I could not find any previous information on her, I am assuming that she is new to idol as there was some talk of her being in training.

She will debut at the PARTY × PARTY which is held on July 8th, Kurojo Lili’s birthday. Tickets to the event are free, the only charge being ¥500 for a drink. If you are in the area why not go check them out.

For additional information please see the previous story on the group or go to their website.

Official Website:

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