Candye♡Syrup – Here We Go

You know what I was thinking just the other day? I was thinking “Self, you know what we need? We need a cotton candy colored EDM/Idolcore group.” After seeing this today I think we might have just that. Let’s take a look at what I saw, shall we.

Thanks to Viz and his sharp eye, I was met with this treat.

Oh man, what a treat it was . I hope that music is a good ample of their sound.

So, I am sure anyone that follows some of the more prominent idols on Twitter, like LiNG LiNG, have seen IKU [Twitter]. He does everybody’s hair from the Candye♡Syrup salons located in Tokyo. I guess he figured, I know some idols that might need a group, maybe I will put one together. So now we get one named after his salon. How is in it? Have a look (I only know a little about four of them).

Aisaki Mai [Twitter], an employee at Candye♡Syrup.

Hatsune Ichigo [Twitter], her Twitter started in May of this year so not much to go on. I assume she is new to the idol game.

Non [Twitter], we all know her from DEEP GIRL.

Chian Colomo [Twitter] an employee at Candye♡Syrup, her Twitter is brand spanking new.

Amatsuka Saaya [Twitter], an employee at Candye♡Syrup, her Twitter is also very new.

Looks like we have a pretty fresh crew here. I am sure that Non will be teaching them the ropes. I sure hope it works out well, from what I hear IKU has wanted to do this for a while.

They are having their debut on August 19th 2017 @ Shibuya Milkyway, so they have a bit of time to practice.

At the moment there is no official website for them, I could only find a site for there record label (I think): Anchor Works

Here is the group Twitter: Candye♡Syrup

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