Melanoleuca: The Struggles Continue

Poor Melanoleuca, originally a two girl unit (I Love New Stuff: Melanoleuca), then down to one girl. Just two weeks ago they announced that they had found another member and were back to where they should be (Melanoleuca Back To Full Strength). Now going through Twitter looking for stuff  I see this…..

…auditions, it did not look good.

For Melanoleuca the struggle has been a tough one. Every time they look like they are about to move forward another stumbling block. It seem Kurojo Riri had to withdraw due to family and work conflicts. This was the message she left on Twitter.

I asked the management the reason, I could not find the original statement.

It now looks like they will be starting pretty much from scratch.  July 8th was to be the debut of Hakuto Coco, now it looks like it will be a solo debut. Even with all the setbacks I do not see any signs of giving up.

Official Website:

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