That Is New To Me: Shuuengo Buppan

Earlier this evening I was looking at the new posts in the Alt Idol Facebook group and came across a post by Viz about a new group called 終演後物販 (Shuuengo Buppan). He describes them as melocore, and after listening to them I would agree. Lets take a first, but brief look at Shuuengo Buppan.

As of now information on this group is pretty scarce. They look to be a unit made up of five girls. Yes the photo below is actually only five girls, I was fooled at first. I am pretty easy to fool sometimes.

They will be having their debut live on July 8th at 「Idol Yokocho Summer Festival!! ~2017~」. It has also been announced that they will be at the 2017 Tokyo Idol Festival.

Here are five of the girls:

Nanami Haruna

Tsudzuki Isumi


Shibuya Akane

Yanagi Yuka

As of now the girls do not have Twitter accounts so if you want to follow them here is their official Twitter: 終演後物販

Oh, that is right. They also have a Soundcloud with their three released songs on it. I am not sure if there are more songs yet, but these three are pretty solid.

So go follow them, I think some of you might like them.

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