That Is New To Me: DORCA

Lately it seems that every day a new idol group is making an appearance. Today is no different, well this group is not actually new, but for most fans of alternative idol they might as well be. Everyone’s favorite introducer of new idols, Viz Major, brings us another group to check out. Today it is the idol group DORCA. I will let him tell you in his own words. The following is from a post in the Alternative Idol Facebook group.

“This new group is DORCA and it is a three member unit affiliated with ROOM 107. Their producer is Kazeno Iona. He wanted to start a rock idol group after being amazed from watching the chaos caused by the performances of BiSH & BELLRING少女ハート at the AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL 2015. He was already a fan of Negicco but then began to listen to & study the works of Bellheart, PassCode, You’ll Melt More! and Oyasumi Hologram. Their sound producer is a Vocaloid producer who is into Death Metal, Metalcore, Emo & Ambient.

The group’s name comes from a combination of their producer’s favorite animal, dolphin and orca (killer whale). Going on this concept since the orca is the “killer of the sea” this describes the group as a “killer in the idol world”.

Their first live was TRASH UP!’s event “Okurete Gomen Ne!” at Shinjuku Motion on 02/18/2017. After their 2nd live two members graduated and Mai was left to perform solo for the third and fourth lives. On 05/02/2017 she was joined by Yumeko and Sheena. So far the three girls have performed six lives together since 05/21/2017.

マイ・コズミック・スター (Mai Cosmic Star)
ユメコ・エイトビット (Yumeko 8-Bit)
シーナ・アンド・モア (Sheena And More)

Official Website:
Official Twitter:
Producer’s Twitter:
YouTube Channel:

There is not much for me to add to that other than the following.

マイ・コズミック・スター (Mai Cosmic Star)

ユメコ・エイトビット (Yumeko 8-Bit)

シーナ・アンド・モア (Sheena And More)

2 thoughts on “That Is New To Me: DORCA

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  2. Checked out their twitter and they seem English friendly and are already asking Coachella to book them, so they are setting their sights high, but someone should strongly suggest a name change because DORCA sounds well dorky.
    ORPHIN would allow for the same basic premise while coming across quite a bit better in Eigo.

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