That Is New To Me: Hissatsu Emomomomo

So, this one is a bit of me just stumbling across something because of groups retweeting each other. In this case the retweeter was まいみたまこ卍 [Maimi Tamako] an idol group I have not had the chance to talk about yet, perhaps I will later. Anyway, enough with this blather, let’s get on to this new group and see what we can find out.

As I said before the official まいみたまこ卍 Twitter led me to this new group called 必殺エモモモモ!! [Hissatsu emomomomo]. Now I have translated this loosely as Deadly Emo-mo-mo-mo or something close to that. This group is super new, I mean they started their Twitter 16 hours ago (as of the time of writing). They do not have a website yet so we will have to get all of our information from they Twitter. This won’t be too hard as they have been doing quite a bit of posting today.

First off this group is made up of seven girls with the groups concept being Emo Kawaii or “emo cute”. I suspect this is along the lines of yami-kawaii in some respects, just the “sick” being replaced with “emo”. The reason I say this will become more apparent when we start looking at the members. First off let us look at their video introduction.

Sounds pretty good, at least to my ear.

Hopefully the sound in the video is the type of music they will actually be performing to. So many times you get something different than what you were led to believe.

They will be doing their debut on July 26th at Shinjuku Club Science with the before mentioned まいみたまこ卍 which actually appears to be their sister group.

Here are the members and their Twitter accounts if you wish to follow. Like I said before, the “emo cute” image seems to be represented well in the outfits. I did not look into the members themselves to see if they had any previous experience in idol. You all are adult(ish) and I think you can probably handle it.

みくる (Mikuru) []

四ノ宮 えんま (Shinomiya Enma) []

音萌 アイル(Otomoe Airu) []

鴉丸 蜜 (Karasumaru Mitsu) []

四ノ宮 メンマ (Shinomiya Menma) []

嘘月 垂 (Usotsuki Shide) []

みなづき ゆら (Minadzuki Yura) []

To the group I say good luck in the future, and also the western fans now have there eye on you.

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