OYASUMI HOLOGRAM – empty page (MV)

I will be the first to tell you that I do not listen to much OYASUMI HOLOGRAM so I don’t have much to compare this video too. Actually the only other tune of theirs that I have heard is Neuromancer, and I really like that one. Maybe I should listen to them more. It seems that all of their videos are quite enjoyable. Lets get a peek at this one.

Just to start of, this is not the electronic jam that neuromancer is. This track is very sedate and laid back. Actually quite relaxing. The visuals are quite on par with the audio. Super chill, not really much going on. So since I am not the biggest font of information on this group maybe I will let the video speak for itself.

Yeah, super chill. I feel pretty relaxed, how about you?

Now this is off the album “3” which came out November 23rd 2016. So not an indication that there is a new release coming any time soon. I mean they just put out the live release “0413”

Official Website: http://oysm-hologram.com/

Pick up the last couple releases



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