That Is New To Me: GARUDA

Industrial Metal, what does that bring to mind? Ministry, Nine Inch Nails…… maybe Marylin Manson. Yeah, me too. Now take that music and put bit of idol singing over the top and what do you get? GARUDA.

Lets have a peek at this new solo idol.

Usually, I am the one trying to find the new idols, in this instance the idol found me. After I had done a story on DORCA I was followed by an idol. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but I always check out any new followers. I guess I like to know my audience. Anyway, I was followed by a solo idol named GARUDA.

Right off the bat I was intrigued as she described her sound as industrial metal. I quickly scrolled down her Twitter feed looking for some music. I didn’t find any, and I just had to hear what she sounded like. So I fired off a message.

Guess what, we now have a YouTube channel with some tracks on it now. Thank you so much GARUDA. I will post a video or two later in the story.

A bit about her. She is a self produced idol, so I assume she writes all the lyrics, does all the costuming, marketing, pretty much everything. It seems the only thing that she does not do is write the music, that is done by Mr. Perkele. By the way, he wrote the new NECRONOMIDOL song, DAWNSLAYER and is the guitarist in the Necroma-band. She also has a pretty good amount of original songs for a new idol, five in total.

Oh, her English seems pretty good from what I can tell.

Her first show was on June 5th 2017 @ 巣鴨獅子王

Here are some of her videos from her fourth live.

At this time she does not seem to have a website.


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