BiS – New Single Details And More

There are some fans that split BiS into two distinct groups, “old” and “new”. That split is marked by the disbanding at the Yokohama Theater on July 8th 2014. I personally think those people are pretty silly. You know what else, they are missing out on some pretty good tunes from the “new” BiS. That is all fine, you can suffer in your stubborn ways. I for one will enjoy all the new music that BiS makes for us. On that point, they have given us details on their new single.

Pretty much hot on the heels of SOCiALiSM which just came out at the end of May, BiS is releasing another single before the trade back of Saki for Aya in September. This one will only be a one coin single, so just one song with no extras. Here are the details.

I cant say NO!!!!!!!

  1. I cant say NO!!!!!!!

Release date is August 16th 2017 and like I mentioned, it is a one coin single, just a measly ¥500. We do not have any album art ……. yet. But you can be assured it will be along the lines of their new visual. They have gone with a European late middle ages aesthetic, I like it. One does have to wonder if this will be their stage attire as well.

Here are the individual photos

pour lui


Kika Front Frontal

Peri UBU

Kamiya Saki


Panluna Leafy

I does not look like there will be an actual tour for this small release just a bunch of in store events from August 12th through August 20th.

I am sure this will be the last time Saki will record with BiS before returning to GANG PARADE. It will also probably be some of her last performances with them.

Official Website:

This release is already listed for pre-order, you might as well pick it up, it is only ¥500

BiS – I cant say NO!!!!!!!

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